January 2, 2023

Why Microwave Makes Noise? (Main 5 Reasons)

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Why Microwave Makes Noise?

Microwaves are a common household appliance in most homes. However, most people need to learn what is happening inside their microwave ovens. They turn it on and expect it to cook their food.

But what happens when you put food in a microwave? Why Microwave Makes Noise? How does the microwave work? These questions are answered in this post.

In short : Answer is
Sometimes, your microwave can have issues. This happens when one of its parts, like the heating component, motor, magnetron, or door, stops working properly. This can cause your microwave to make strange noises, like loud beeping sounds.

This post will tell you why your microwave is making noise and how to make it stop.

Microwave Making Noises? Main Reasons

Microwaves are known for making noises, but why do they do this? Microwaves can make noise for different reasons.

  1. The Magnetron

The microwave makes Noise because the Magnetron is attached to the oven, rotating at high speed. This high speed creates a lot of friction with the surrounding parts. It is the heart of any microwave oven.

This is the most critical component of your microwave because it is the one responsible for making the microwaves that heat food. When you turn on a microwave, it might make a series of loud, high-pitched sounds. Some people find the sound annoying, but it has its purpose.

This high-pitched sound makes it easy to know that the microwave is working. The Magnetron works by emitting electrons. When you put food into your microwave, the electrons hit the food and create heat.

They do this to cook the food. In this process, the electrons vibrate at extremely high frequencies. The vibrations are made possible by the Magnetron. Since the Magnetron generates pulses, it also generates sounds.

  1. Cooling Fan

A faulty cooling fan will cause the machine to work too hot or too cold. If you hear a loud noise coming from the microwave, it is a sign of a faulty cooling fan. The noise will make you uncomfortable.

If your microwave makes a loud noise, it might be because of the fans. These fans are found on the back or under the microwave door. To fix the noise, look at the fans and check the wires and other parts of the microwave.

If the fan and the Magnetron in your microwave are connected, it can cause the machine to overheat and not work properly. If you hear a clunky sound, the microwave needs to be fixed. To make it work again, call a repair service.

  1. Faulty Motor

A faulty motor can cause your microwave to not work properly and make strange noises. The motor helps heat your food evenly. If the motor isn’t working, you won’t be able to heat your food.

If you notice a problem with the motor, contact the company that made your microwave. The motor is an important part of the microwave because it turns the microwave on and off and controls how fast the microwaves are made.

If the motor is faulty, the microwave won’t work right. You may also have trouble defrosting food and hear loud noises.

  1. Cracking Noise

Why Microwave Makes Noise reason

A microwave can make a loud, high-pitched noise because the motor spins very fast and generates heat and sound.

If you hear a crackling noise, it could mean your microwave is broken, and you should contact the company that made it.

They might need to fix the motor, or you might need to buy a new one. If the crackling noise is not from the motor, you can try to fix it yourself.

To do this, first, take off the top cover of the microwave. Then, clean the inside of the microwave. Finally, replace the heating element.

  1. Overheating

Sometimes, microwaves can get too hot. The microwave is made of a material that conducts heat well, so the heat from the magnetron can spread to other parts and cause them to overheat.

This can result in different sounds. When defrosting food in the microwave, be careful not to touch the microwave itself, so you don’t get burned.

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What Are The Different Ways To Reduce Noise In Microwave Ovens?

Loud noise from a microwave can be annoying and stressful. If you hear a noise from your microwave, it might mean it’s broken or not working correctly.

You can take steps to make the noise from your microwave quieter.

  1. Cooling Fan

The cooling fan is one of the effective ways to reduce Noise. It reduces Noise by cooling the oven. The cooling fan comes with a microwave. A cooling fan can reduce Noise to a certain extent.

You might hear a weird noise if the fan isn’t strong enough. The fan is not moving fast enough to reduce the Noise. It uses fan-like air flow to keep the air inside the oven cool.

It also provides a pleasant aroma inside the range. The fan helps bring cool air into the stove through the holes called vents. It pushes the hot air away from the stove to cool it.

  1. High Voltage Diode

A high-voltage diode is a particular type that can handle a lot of voltage. It is used in some science tools and medical equipment and is made of aluminum and copper.

The high-voltage diode is put on the part of the device that takes in power to keep the device from being damaged. This gadget helps protect the device from getting hurt if there is a sudden surge of electricity.

It stops you from getting shocked when you plug the device into electricity.

  1. Powerful Motor

High-power motors can help make microwaves quieter. These motors are used in appliances like microwaves, drills, coffee makers, and other things that use electricity.

It’s essential to be careful when using high-powered motors. If you don’t use them right, they could be dangerous. The motor is like the engine that makes the appliance work.

Microwave oven repair

High-power motors can get hot. So, it’s important to keep the appliance clean. If the motor gets too hot, it can make a lot of smoke. If you see smoke coming from the device, stop using it immediately.

Using the appliance when the motor is overheated can cause a fire.

Conclusion: (Why Microwave Makes Noise)

In conclusion, microwaves can make noise for different reasons. It might be because the dish is spinning, the special thing inside is working, the fan is running, the parts are moving, or the energy from the microwave is making the oven shake.

If you hear any strange sounds from your microwave, it’s a good idea to get it checked by a specialist.


  1. Why does my microwave make Noise?

The microwave sends out radio waves, just like waves in water. These radio waves make the food inside the microwave get hot and cook. The heat from the microwave makes the molecules inside the food start moving around.

The movement inside the food while it’s cooking in the microwave makes the sound you hear.

  1. What’s the best way to keep a microwave quiet?

There are many ways to keep your microwave safe and quiet. When you’re finished using the microwave, it’s important to make sure you close the door. If the door is open, it could become a hazard to others.

You could also set your microwave in a corner, so the entrance is on the wall. In addition, you could put it on the top shelf or behind a closed cabinet.

  1. Is it safe to use a buzzing microwave?

Yes, it is safe to use a buzzing microwave. Some people think that a buzzing microwave is annoying, but it is a good thing.

  1. Why is my microwave making static Noise?

The static noise in your microwave might be because of something inside that’s not in the right place, or a problem with a special part called the magnetron. To ensure your microwave works correctly, you should get a professional to check it.

  1. Why is my microwave buzzing when not in use?

Your microwave might buzz when not in use because of a loose part or a problem with the fan that cools the microwave down. It’s best to have a specialist look to ensure everything is working properly.

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