October 13, 2022

Is 3 Litre Geyser Enough For Bathroom? An Effective Guide

Is 3 Litre Geyser Enough For Bathroom

Is 3 Litre Geyser Enough For Bathroom?

The question, “Is 3 Litre Geyser Enough For Bathroom?” is common among homeowners and renters alike.

Hot water is a basic necessity in any bathroom, and choosing the right size of a geyser is essential to ensure that you have enough hot water to meet your needs.

The Short Answer is :
A 3-liter geyser is a compact and energy-efficient option for small bathrooms or households with low hot water demand.

However, it is crucial to consider factors such as flow rate and recovery time when deciding if a 3-liter geyser is suitable for your bathroom.

Before understanding all the factors first, we know which type of geysers are available in India

Types of Water Heaters (Geysers) in India

There are several types of geysers (also known as water heaters) available in India, some of which include:

  1. Electric Storage Geysers:

These are the most common geysers and are suitable for use in homes, apartments, and small offices.

They come in various sizes, including 3-liter capacity, and are designed to heat water and store it in an insulated tank for later use.

  1. Instant Geysers:

These are electric-powered and heat the water whenever required, rather than storing hot water in the tank.

These geysers are an excellent option for families who need hot water quickly and have limited space.

  1. Gas Geysers:

These geysers run on LPG or PNG (piped natural gas) and are more energy efficient than electric geysers.

They are an excellent option for those families who have access to use gas and want to save on electricity costs

  1. Solar Geysers:

These are the most energy-efficient geysers and run on solar energy, an environment-friendly option.

They are not too familiar with the Indian market but gaining popularity.

  1. Heat Pump Geysers:

These geysers are more energy-efficient options that work on electricity and heat water by absorbing heat from the surrounding air.

These geysers are relatively rarer in the Indian Market.

Is 3 Litre Geyser Enough For Bathroom Shower?

Is 3 Litre Geyser Enough For Bathroom Shower

A three-litre geyser is enough for those who want to take a five-minute hot water shower. For a longer shower, you will need an enormous geyser.

A three-liter geyser is sufficient if you have a small bathroom. Also, if you’re living alone or have only three people in your house, it is easy to take care of the geyser.

With the small 3-litre instant water heater near the bathroom, you can get plenty of hot showers!

How To Choose The Perfect 3 Litre Geyser For Your Bathroom?

When choosing a three-litre geyser for your bathroom, the most important factor to consider is the water pressure in your home; also some crucial points you should consider as stated below:

  • An instant water heater will be the best option if you have high water pressure.
  • A storage water heater will be the best option if you have low water pressure.

Crucial Points:

  1. Flow Rate:

Make sure the flow rate of your showerhead is low, as a high flow rate showerhead may require more hot water than a 3-liter water heater can provide.

  1. Temperature Settings:

Look for a water heater with temperature control options. It will help you adjust the temperature per your preference, which can help you conserve energy and avoid scalding.

  1. Safety Features:

A 3-liter geyser should have safety features such as a thermostat and a pressure release valve. This feature helps prevent overheating and high pressure, keeping you safe while using it.

  1. Size and Installation:

Make sure that the geyser you choose is the right size for the available space and that the installation process is something you can handle.

  1. Energy Efficiency:

Look for a geyser with an energy-efficient rating, as it will be more cost-effective in the long run.

Which Type Of Geyser is Best For Your Bathroom?

The type of geyser best for your bathroom relies on many factors, it includes the size of your bathroom, the number of family members utilizing it, and your hot water usage.

So here I am sharing some common types of geysers and their best applications:

  1. Storage geysers: These geysers are the most common type and are best for households with a moderate to high hot water demand. They store hot water in an insulated tank, and you can get it in different sizes to fit various needs.
  2. Instant geysers: These geysers heat water as it flows through the unit, making them best for households with low to moderate hot water demand. They are also excellent for small bathrooms or use in a single faucet.
  3. Electric geysers: These geysers use electricity to heat water, making them a reliable and convenient option. They are best for households with moderate to high hot water demand and are available in various sizes to suit different needs.

Ultimately, the best type of geyser for your bathroom will depend on your specific needs, so it is crucial to assess your usage and consider the above factors before making a decision.

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How Many Litres Geyser is Best For Bathroom?

A typical size for a bathroom geyser (also known as a water heater) is around 6 to 8 gallons, equivalent to about 22.7 to 30.3 litres.

However, the size of your bathroom should determine a geyser size, the number of people using it, and the climate in your area.

A smaller geyser may be sufficient if you have a small bathroom with only one person using it and you live in a warm environment.

But an enormous geyser may be more appropriate if you have a large bathroom with multiple people using it and live in a colder climate.

You should consult a professional or a seller for the best size for your bathroom.

What Capacity of Water Geyser is Perfect for You?

The capacity of a water heater, also known as a geyser that is perfect for you depends on several factors, including:

  • The number of members in your home: The more members you have in your home, the larger the water geyser you will require to fulfill the hot water needs of everyone.
  • The number and types of hot water appliances: Water heaters can be for multiple appliances, such as a shower, bathtub, kitchen sink, etc. Each device may have different hot water needs, so you must consider how many of these appliances you have and how often you use them.
  • The flow rate of your hot water appliances: For example, your showerhead’s flow rate can impact how quickly hot water is used up. If you have a showerhead with a high flow rate, you will need a larger water heater than if you have a low flow rate showerhead.

Household Size

Hot Water Usage

Recommended Water Heater Capacity (Storage)

Recommended Water Heater Capacity (Instant)

1-2 people


10-15 Litres

2 Litres

1-2 people


15-20 Litres

3-4 Litres

3-4 people


15-25 Litres

3 Litres

3-4 people


25-30 Litres

4-5 Litres

4+ people


25-35 Litres

more than 5 Litres

4+ people


35-50 Litres

more than 6 Litres

Please note that these are only rough calculations, and the actual size of the water heater you need may vary depending on your exact hot water usage patterns and habits.

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How to install a 3 Litre Geyser in Your Bathroom?

Our Recommendation is always to hire a professional to avoid any miss-happening or damage.


In conclusion, is 3 litre geyser enough for bathroom? Depending on various factors, such as the size of the bathroom, the number of people using it, and the desired water temperature.

For a small bathroom with one or two people, a 3-liter geyser may be sufficient. However, a more enormous geyser may be needed for larger bathrooms or households with more people to meet the hot water demand.

Ultimately, it is best to assess your needs and consider factors such as flow rate and recovery time before determining if a 3-liter geyser is enough for your bathroom.


1. Is three liters of geyser enough for a small bathroom?

If you have a small bathroom and only need hot water for a five-minute shower, then a three-liter geyser would be sufficient.

2. Is three liters of geyser enough for a large family?

If you have a more prominent family or need hot water for extended periods, you should opt for an enormous geyser.

3. What size geyser do I need for a family of 4?

You would need a six-liter or eight-liter geyser for a family of four.

4. Can I use an instant geyser in the bathroom?

Yes, you can use an instant geyser in the bathroom. However, it is essential to consider the water pressure in your home before making a purchase.

5. Is it expensive to run a geyser?

The cost of running a geyser will depend on the size and type of geyser you have. An instant water heater will cost more than a storage water heater.

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