Electric Recliner Sofa Chair India 2022

Electric Recliner Sofa Chair India 2022  | Buy on Amazon

  • Full Body Massage Sofa Couch
  • Recliner with 3 recline levels
  • Comfortable Back & Neck Massage with 22 Massage Heads
  • Back Adjustment to adjust for Reading, Watching TV
  • Pre- Assembled
  • Folding Design with wheels for Easy Transportation
  • 1 Year JSB Warranty
  • Contact JSB Customer Support for Assistance
  • Electric Recliner Sofa Chair India 2022
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Electric Recliner Sofa Chair India 2022

Today, half the population with the age group of more than 50 are facing intense body pain issues. Unfortunately, the younger generation is too facing the same problem. Be it the fatigue experience and or the mental tiredness. Neck pain, leg pain, stiffness, and other health issues are becoming very common. One of the primary reasons why there is an increase of body pains and stress problems among the elderly group is because of the lack of relaxation.

Depending on what job you are in, the body will respond accordingly. Lack of body relaxation takes a significant toll on the body resulting in long-term body pain. It depends on how you take care of your health.

In this busy life schedule, it is not possible to undergo spa massage or regular body massage from the expert. This is why investing in JSB MZ20 Full Body Massage Sofa is the right investment. This full body recliner is space saving and easy to store for home is specifically designed to give your body enough relaxation and pain-free experience. Furthermore, it comes with multiple features helping to get the best experience.

Whether you belong young age or old age, body pain is the most common lifestyle disorder witnessed today. If this sounds familiar to you, then JSB MZ20 full body massage sofa is what you need to look forward to.

Best Electric Recliner Sofa Chair India 2022

About Electric Recliner Sofa Chair India

In terms of Electric Recliner Sofa Chair India 2022, JSB can be considered to be one of the best-known brands, consequently, we couldn’t resist including one of their products, the JSB MZ20, on this list. The recliner for a massage chair features three recline levels to ensure you can adjust the recline to suit your preferences.

It comes with 22 massage heads strategically placed in various positions to provide an energizing massage to your body.

They are designed to be well-adjusted in accordance with the various body areas to help relieve tension in muscles. It is a great way to massage your shoulders, back, or neck by using sofa recliner massage when you’re relaxing, watching TV and studying, or working without having any issues. The chair is pre-assembled and folds easily and wheels, which makes it extremely mobile.

It also features a universal brake for wheels to keep the multi-purpose chair to a single spot.

Electric Recliner Sofa Chair India 2022 – Buying Guide

Buy-to-massage chairs are plentiful on the market at present. The main issue is how do you choose the most effective one? Here are some suggestions to help you find the ideal massage chair more enjoyable:

  1. Price:

Most people looking for the most effective massage chairs in India are often overwhelmed by the cost of different models that are available on the market. It is therefore recommended to choose a high-quality massage chair that is at a reasonable price.

  1. Brand:

If you’re looking to buy something from the marketplace, it is important to choose a brand. A brand that is reputable does not just guarantee the quality, but also provides superior service. Some of the most popular brands that provide high-quality massage chairs within India are Eureka Forbes, Medisana, Butterfly, HoMedics, Panasonic, and Natura.

  1. Performance:

Always choose the massage chair with the latest features and features as well as performance. Review the ratings of different massage chairs on the internet and choose the one that best suits your needs most.

  1. Warranty:

The warranty of different brands differs between different models. In general, high-quality massage chairs have an assurance period of at least one year, which includes all labor and parts costs in the event of a defect in the product.

  1. Features:

When you are choosing a massage chair make sure you check out its functions and features to make sure you get all the features you desire from an ergonomic massage chair. There are many reviews on the internet to give you a better knowledge of the different characteristics and the performance of various massage chairs available in India.

  1. Size:

Before purchasing any item, be sure to check the size and weight to ensure that it is easily moved around should you need to move it from one place to another, from your home to office, or the reverse. A massage chair that is lightweight is the most popular choice for customers over those heavier in weight.

  1. Safety:

Safety is paramount when using the reclining sectional sofa with massage and heat. Make sure you choose the massage chair with safety features, such as the automatic shut-off of power, overheating protection, etc.

Advantages of having an Electric Recliner Sofa Chair India 2022

  1. Knead to ease the strain.

This JSB MZ20 recliner couch with massager is a massager employed in the space in which you have to sit and perform your job. In these areas, the possibility of stress on your lumbar muscles could result in back pain. The JSB MZ20 electric massage machine can help to relieve that tension and allow you to be a problem for you and allow you to feel tension at ease for long.

  1. Mobile with wheels

The massage chair you have in your compact has wheels, as well as lockable wheels. It’s easy to move from room to room without having to get up the item. After shifting, simply apply your wheel lock, fold the massager’s back and take a restful back massage. If folded, it can be used as a table stand.

  1. Multi-level folding

It is the JSB MZ20 Back Massage Sofa features a multi-level folding system, which means it is difficult to set it up in a small space for work. If you want to enjoy the massage in their office, in a small space, they can use the recliner for the massage sofa and then it could be adjusted to fit in any spot in your office without taking up much space.

Technical Specifications:

  • Model: JSB MZ20
  • Power Consumption: 60W
  • Dimensions: 74 X 71 cm (folded)
  • Dimensions: 98 x cm (installed)

Electric Recliner Sofa Chair India 2022: Pros & Cons


  • A recliner with three recline levels.
  • 22 Massage Heads
  • Back Adjustment
  • 1 Year Warranty from JSB
  • Very affordable


  • No Cons found
You will be proud on your decision of buying it

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions): Electric Recliner Sofa Chair India 2022

1) What is a massage sofa?

Massage sofas are a smaller version of a full-fledged massage chair that you can utilize to ease stress or relax your muscles that are tired.

2.) Is there a warranty for the JSB MZ20 Massage Sofa?

All JSB products include a standard one-year On-Site Warranty. There is also the option of buying an extendable warranty through the brand.

3.) Do I receive free delivery on my doorstep and installation?

We provide all of our items in pan India serviceable pin codes at no cost. JSB engineers will help you install the product and help with any additional assistance.

Conclusion – Electric Recliner Sofa Chair India 2022

The computer-controlled adjustability of this massage chair allows it to alter the weight and the width of the person seated on it. The corner massage sofa is made with a simple and user-friendly control that can be utilized by anyone. The long and tiring hours in the office can make you exhausted, stressed, and exhausted, and you are able to relax only when you are free.

Why should you wait to take a break when you have an electronic massaging machine for your body? You can place your recliner massage sofa in any part of your workplace. It won’t look strange and begin as fast as you want. You’ll feel relaxed immediately without leaving the office. The pain in the spine is extremely uncomfortable, but it is difficult to leave your seat during the office for long hours or have meetings that you can’t escape.

If there’s a portable electric massage chair to relax in your office, it’s easy to address the issue. The back massage couch will help you relax and increase your energy to help you stay focused on your task and fatigue will not hinder you from achieving your objectives. So, this Concludes our topic for Electric Recliner Sofa Chair India 2022.